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At NIKA Therapy, healing is seen as one victorious step after another. Celebrating the victories along the way manifests the joy in making positive shifts.  


NIKA Therapy is a private practice that utilizes the finest professional tools and evidence-based practices. Kosta is an experienced professional therapist that leads you to explore and navigate the challenges you face. With many years in helping individuals, couples and parents, he is skilled, intentional and compassionate, as he guides you to proactively address a broad scope of concerns.


Kosta specializes in the treatment of Sex Addiction and the treatment of Betrayal Trauma. Within an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality, his focus is on dynamic boundary setting and great relationship building.

It is his privilege to assist clients to realize their authentic worth.

NIKA is the ancient Greek word for victory! Let’s begin today!

Areas of Specialization



Grief and Loss


Relational conflict                              

        Sex, Porn & Love Addiction          Infidelity                    

        Betrayal Trauma                           Trauma

        Building Trust                             

Motivational Interviewing

Karpman Drama Triangle

Somatic Mindfulness

ART - Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Distinct Therapies


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Kosta Petrogeorge LMFT, CSAT, MDiv

Rather than subscribing to the traditional adage of counseling, “meet clients where they’re at”, Kosta embraces the viewpoint, “meet clients where they dream!” (Steve Andrew).


Kosta understands that at heart, a person’s choices and behaviors, even when they prove to be unimaginably harmful to self and others, most often are coping mechanisms for the wounded self. Through compassion and intentional guidance Kosta helps men and women identify their true desires and aspirations, which are often buried in anger, sadness, shame and confusion. Corresponding to this, Kosta works with each person to explore the inner strengths they possess that enable them to develop daily proactive choices and healthy long-lasting habits. Specifically, he encourages his clients to identify positive, eternal views about all aspects of life. His years of providing therapy in a wide array of cultures and various backgrounds enable his clients to easily connect with him.


As a licensed marriage and family therapist, both in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Kosta is passionate about couple/family relationships. He is also certified in treating Sexual Addiction and Betrayal Trauma. Further, he also specializes in parent-child relationships and the young adult experience. For many years he has led highly engaging weekly parent-education groups. He has given many seminars on relationship dynamics, including dating, marriage and parent-child relationships.

In addition, Kosta offers a unique style and experience through attentive holistic care based on both ancient wisdom and evidence-based best practices. These include, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, the “30 tasks of recovery” (Patrick Carnes), Karpman triangle, somatic mindfulness and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. He works alongside each individual person in a safe and comfortable environment, while supporting them to be honest and courageous as they experience new victories in their journey. Watching his clients gain positive insights and make healthy shifts is Kosta’s greatest joy!


Kosta is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both Pennsylvania and North Carolina and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist through IITAP (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals). He holds two graduate level degrees, a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College and a Masters of Divinity degree from Holy Cross School of Theology. He holds Certifications and training in Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma from ADDO with Dr. Kevin Skinner, the Karpman Triangle Technique, Discernment Counseling and training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), a technique using eye-movement desensitization, effective in treating trauma.  



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When you open the door for counseling at NIKA Therapy, you will find a professional private practice established for the purpose of offering attentive holistic counseling. This is a supportive, caring environment to restore hope and build skills to engage your distinct situation. Though specializing in the treatment of Sexual Addiction, Betrayal Trauma and Couples Intimacy, NIKA Therapy treats an expansive range of emotional, psychological and personal growth concerns.


All regular therapy sessions are intentionally scheduled for a full hour since this is most beneficial to the client. All therapy sessions are conducted via Teletherapy.

NIKA Therapy is here for you, so open the door to begin!


Individual Therapy

Finding the bridge that brings you to a place where you can gain a new, refreshing outlook, can feel perplexing when you are searching alone. NIKA Therapy is the bridge that brings you to a safe place, where you will find an experienced guide to help you attain a new perspective. Discover new paths for personal growth in an atmosphere of hope and healing. With personal attention from the anchor of a private practice, you can learn how to create steps and build skills to meet your challenges victoriously.

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Greek Streets

Marriage and Family Therapy

Relational conflicts can easily feel frustrating and even insurmountable, often leaving a person 

uncertain as to which steps to take. Regardless of your specific predicaments, NIKA Therapy provides a confidential place to carefully consider the different facets involved. NIKA Therapy focuses not only on great "communication", but also on intimate "communion". Guided to discover new pathways, you can be equipped to victoriously engage these encounters as you move forward.

Specialized Therapy: Treating 

Unwanted Sexual Behaviors and

Betrayal Trauma

Realizing you are tied down to an unhealthy behavior can be isolating and painful because of fear and shame. NIKA Therapy is here to explore areas with you where it would otherwise be daunting to go alone. Specialized professional 

therapy can counsel you through the deeper issues of addiction, betrayal trauma and conflict. NIKA Therapy is a safe harbor where you can rise above the damage of the worst storms, find your course and victoriously navigate these waters.

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Professional Assessments

NIKA Therapy uses highly effective assessments as part of the special Intake process. Assessments are assigned specific to each person. 

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